Thanks to my university education in economics and business administration and my professional experience, we possess a thorough knowledge and understanding of the terminology and jargon of the fields of economics, finance, commerce and information technology, in which we specialize. To be precise:

  • Economy: macroeconomics and general economy texts, financial press clippings, specialized literature
  • Government and institutions: information regarding economy sectors, budgets, speeches and ministerial information
  • Financial markets and instruments: fixed income, equity, money, currency and derivative markets; bonds, stocks, options, futures and other instruments
  • Stockmarkets and investing: sector and individual stock analysis, asset and portfolio management, mutual funds, performance reports, forecasts, fundamental and technical analysis, stockpicking and investment strategies
  • Accounting: statements of accounts, earnings guidance and reporting, auditing, press releases, budgeting, cost management
  • Commerce: commercial correspondence, import/export, logistics
  • Management: company communication, meeting minutes, memorandums and letters to employees, quality management, human resources
  • Banking: product information, insurance, retail banking, private banking, investment banking, corporate banking, M&A
  • Consultancy: financial services and consultancy
  • Marketing: presentations, marketing analysis and reporting, market research
  • ITC: e-commerce, e-business, ERP, CRM, SCM, Internet
  • Economics: specific areas of study, like macro and microeconomics, statistics and econometrics, economic policy, etc.

Nevertheless, we are also capable of providing translations in other areas. Do not hesitate to contact us, regardless of your needs.