Our core activity is the translation of texts, mainly in the areas of finance and economics, in the combinations:

English into Spanish

Dutch into Spanish

With more than five years of translation experience and total fluency in the above languages, we are capable of carrying out high quality translations, whose consistency is guaranteed by translation-specific support tools.

Other areas, languages and services

In order to be able to translate correctly a text of certain difficulty, three aspects are of crucial importance:

  • the translator must translate into his/her mother tongue
  • the translator must be proficient in the source language
  • the translator must be well versed in the subject or field of the text he/she is translating

Thanks to a select network of contacts with other highly experienced and specialized professionals, who also work with this same philosophy, we are capable of providing translations in several areas (specially legal and technical) and other language combinations. This allows us as well to offer other services such as sworn translation, interpreting and language courses.

Do not hesitate to contact us for all your language needs.