The following is a brief list of references and comments received from some customers:

SERVICIO Oficina de Comunicación Hispano-Holandesa, Amsterdam
"We work with Gonzalo Tutusaus since his beginnings as a translator. His general knowledge, but specially in the fields of economics and finance, as well as his accuracy, responsibility and reliability, make working with him a very pleasurable experience. We certainly hope we can continue our collaboration during many years."
Imke Grijpma (Director)

FLORENZA Vertalingen, Amsterdam
"We work with Gonzalo since late 1999; his translations are of an excellent level, and thanks to his professionalism we can always rely on a swift delivery of the texts in a wide variety of formats. We hope we can continue working with him for a long time."
María Florenza (Directora)

Algemeen Spaans Adviesbureau (ASA), Amsterdam
"Our main specialty is legal translation, but on occasion our customers require texts of economic or financial nature. Gonzalo’s ample knowledge of these fields and his experience in financial translation represent a great help for us in order to continue guaranteeing the high quality standard we offer to our customers".
José Bibián Lamarca (Co-Director)

Mellon Global Investments, London
"The texts we produce are technical and highly specialized. Gonzalo's command of language, and above all his knowledge in the fields of finance and economics, guarantee high-quality translations that we can rely on."
C. Hall (International Marketing Account Manager)

MailMasters, Amsterdam
"Excellent contact, professionalism and above all high quality translations."
Maarten Mantje (Director)